Several tricks to correctly ride the inflatable paddle board. You can store your SUP deflated or inflated, whichever suits your space. When deciding on inflatable SUP storage another factor to think about is whether you’ll store it inflated or deflated. Either way is fine as long as it’s clean, dry, and in the right temperature range. Inflatables pack down into a SUP backpack or bag so that they’re convenient to store just about anywhere, even in a closet or on a shelf in your apartment. That said, if you have space, storing your board inflated can make it easier to take out on the water regularly.

If you’re new to the sport and learning, or just want to have fun riding waves, stability is always going to be the biggest factor. A nice stable inflatable SUP will make all the little things much easier. If you are more advanced and wanting to progress, there are board designs that can work as a one board quiver, but most guys that are really into it will need one to three different boards to span a full range of conditions and styles of SUP. Forget that 8’ board that looks wicked in the surf shop. If you are a first time buyer and weigh more than 100 lbs, that is way too small of a board for you. Remember this rule: The smaller the board, the less stable it is. You first board should be a good all-round board. You will have it for years, and it will be great for friends and family to use when you move onto other boards.

Works the whole body: This is a brilliant advantage of paddle boarding, because your whole body gets a good workout, and most of the time you don’t even realize it. The simple act of walking in to the water with your SUP and balancing on it gives your muscles a workout, and then you have the paddling on top. Let’s look at how the different parts of the body are used when paddling.

Universal Fin Box: The inflatable stand up paddle board boasts a US fin box that is compatible with most aftermarket fins, including 10” race fins, which means you can change the stock fins if you feel like getting a new experience. Heavy Duty Leash and Carrying Bag Included: Our inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a reinforced leash to keep you safe if you ever fall out into the water, plus a carrying bag to ease transport. Quick Inflation: Inflatable with a manual hand pump in 10 minutes to 15 psi max.

Another inflatable stand up paddle board advice: Use a leash: This actually goes for all stand up paddle boarders but the sooner you are aware how vital a leash is in any kind of condition the safer you and everyone else will be when you are paddling. There are different types of leashes and different types of attachment points depending on what style of paddling you are doing, so be sure to check out these two articles: “Which leash is right for me?” and “Why do I need a leash on a SUP?”